Wealth Accumulation

We will help you build an estate from scratch, no matter your age or income.

If you have the motivation, we will hold your hand through the establishment of a retirement plan that will help you become financially independent, whether you want to retire at age 40, age 60, or beyond. It’s never too early or too late to start

We are experts in educating different types of workers as to their options for retirement planning. We understand the existing plans for employees and have special skills in the area of pensions and make these comprehensible to you and show you how they relate to your own individual situation.

We have many years of experience with non-profit employers, both in the public and private sector. Teachers and public employees especially can benefit from our education in their particular plans and pensions.

Paycheck analysis

For anyone who brings home a paycheck, we will do a complete paycheck analysis for you to show you:

  • The number of exemptions you should use in your retirement contribution planning.
  • A current income needs analysis.
  • Establish your future retirement income needs.
  • An analysis of the gap.
  • A plan to optimize your benefits to close that gap.

Sole Proprietors / Business Owners

Now, as a sole proprietor, even a one-man shop, you can have access to the same benefits and opportunities that top executives of Fortune 500 companies have access to.

If you ever thought that as a sole proprietor you would never be able to retire or that you can not afford a retirement plan for yourself, if you are investing all your money in your business while neglecting to plan for your own future, then we would like to introduce you to a concept: a secure retirement future for yourself and your family.

Many people never even look into this because they think that they themselves need to understand finance and investments to do so, but this is not true. Just as you understand your business, we understand ours. Regardless of your level of sophistication in finance, we can, in one meeting, show you how you can optimize or leverage your existing net income to provide yourself with the retirement benefits you never thought you could have. In many cases, you can provide for your retirement without even affecting your bottom line or taking money from existing commitments.

We understand your concerns and problems and have developed a line of unique services and products just for you as a sole proprietor. We can show you how to save in a low cost / high benefit way, how to have fully tax deductible Medical and Life Insurance, and ways to decrease your tax burden and create a nest egg with minimal effect on your cash flow. We’ve done all the leg-work and can set all this up for you in just one meeting.

You’ve been neglecting this long enough. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation meeting to find out how easy it is to secure your future with the same benefits any large corporation offers, but created just for you, the sole proprietor.