Career Opportunities

Please read this entire page before you ask us for an interview.  Most people applying do not have the required qualifications.


There are three career paths to take with Retirement Benefits Consulting, LLC.


Financial Planner Trainee  is our entry-level position.  It may be perfect for you if you are successful in what you are engaged in right now, have a history of outstanding performance, have the right work habits and you have made a conscious and informed decision to become a financial planner. 

 In most traditional professions like attorney, doctor or a CPA, one must attend a professional school, followed by years of internship or apprenticeship, and take licensing exams before they can legally practice.  In the case of financial planning, there is no professional school required and there is no school we are aware of which can prepare you to establish a successful practice.  The most common way to enter this business is to join a training program, be sponsored by an established financial services firm to pass licensing exams and hands-on on-the-job coaching.

 At Retirement Benefits Consulting we have developed an advanced training program designed to help an outstanding performer become a Financial Planner and rapidly build his/her practice, have control of her career and build revenue commensurate with one’s skills and self-worth.

In our very personalized, one-on-one coaching process we help you take all that what makes you great and using our methodology channel it into a blossoming and rewarding professional practice you can retire from. All of our coaches are top performers in the firm with a minimum of twelve years of experience.  They are powerful leaders with unshakable integrity and they will stand for your success.   

We help you get the necessary industry licenses and registrations, provide advanced sales training and guidance, teach you our system, hold your hand and coach you until you reach your new success goals. We offer excellent compensation structure, and great opportunity for upward mobility.

 This position is not for everyone.   Please do not even apply unless you are an Outstanding Superstar. You must be highly motivated to succeed, be extremely client oriented, self-driven and never give up.  You are sincere and authentic. You can develop deep meaningful rapport and move touch and inspire people. You can communicate with piercing persuasiveness. You are committed do developing a successful and lasting practice as a Financial Planner and are willing to undergo intense coaching and development to get there.  You must be great on the phone and be awesome at getting appointments. Do not call unless you fit this bill.

 We operate very effectively following common conservative and traditional business practices. This is not a multilevel marketing company. We are not looking to recruit your friends and family.  Your cousin does not work here.   If you are looking for one of those, please do not apply. We are only interested in serious full time, professional superstars!

Our training approach is highly personalized and effort-intensive; therefore we can only train one entry level person at a time. You need to call us to find out if a Financial Planner Trainee position is open.

Before applying please do your homework.  Read this entire page again carefully. Do some research on our firm and our industry.  After you are positively sure you are the best candidate for this opportunity…

Call (818) 668 8444 ext 111 to tell us why we should interview you.


We get timid weakling’s emails with their resumes every day which go directly into our  trash bin; but confident, truly outstanding super-star will always pick up the phone and call.


Financial Planner – Consultant position is intended for seasoned professional who has been in the financial services business for at least two years and has, at minimum, a FINRA Series 6 and 63 and/or California Insurance License. 

 This may be for you if you feel you have reached a plateau in your professional development and income.

 Do you feel if you were put in front of more qualified clients you would generate more business?

 Does your Broker-Dealer fee you to death with no added value?


 If  you are an experienced professional, you should be able to generate better revenues with our unique Complete Comprehensive Financial Planning methodology, warm lead generation system and strong marketing support….

 We do not do telemarketing.  We do not annoy people with cold-calls, spam or junk mail.  Our best trained consultants are enabled to develop most of their new clients through referrals.  At RBC we develop all of our own prospects and opportunities from within using established relations, educational workshops, expos and trade shows. 

 Unlike traditional “product pushers” who are focused on selling, we specialize in training consultants in a comprehensive, educational individual-planning approach that creates deep and involved relationships with our clients. This results in more satisfaction from clients that are very involved with us, think of us as family and because of this, give us more referrals and more business.

 We are fiercely independent. We are not owned by an insurance company or a wire-house. There are no proprietary or “preferred” products to push. No inventory.  Our consultants are trained to use the most appropriate product or solution from an industry-wide choice of financial firms.

 We don’t have an over-bloated compliance bureaucracy to wrestle with.  Our operations are lean quick and efficient.  Compliance decisions are made swiftly, fairly and along open lines of communications.  All record keeping, business processing and other administrative work is done by dedicated staff, so that you can focus on your clients, not paperwork.

 We always and always train our consultants in newest techniques concepts and tools that keep your clients financial plans up to date and that help identify business that you may not have recognized under the older models. In fact, we can give you new reasons to go back to your old clients right now. We have developed a “turn-key” process that will allow you to transition your business and clients to actually produce more income while you intensively train with Retirement Benefits Consulting. Since we are actively expanding and bringing new consultants on board, we have become expert in this transition period.

 We are very successful, have terrific reputation and in need of a real super-star to bring in more clients.

 To qualify for this level, at the very least you must be licensed with FINRA and/or DOI.  We will sponsor and help fill any gaps in licensing or training.  We do not care if you bring over a book of business, but we want to see a track record of your production or personal income.  You must have a clean U-4, have no unresolved client complaints, be a person of integrity, power and leadership.  You must be open minded and coachable. You must be motivated to learn, work and succeed, have mature adult attitude, professional demeanor and appearance.  Most important, you must be unstoppable in your resolve to do what it takes to build a successful practice and reach your income goal. 


Manager.  You may be considered for this senior level position if you presently are, have been or aspire to be an effective Branch Manager, or a Sales Manager.  You are licensed at minimum with FINRA Series 6, 63 and CA Life agent license. A series 24 a plus.  You are seasoned professional with documented track record of performance.  You love your job but not happy because there is no room to advance at your current firm.  You looking for fresh start in a new senior management role we can create for you. 

 We are looking for a Manager experienced in building training and motivating their team.  At Retirement Benefits Consulting you will not be weighed down with OSJ responsibilities or administrative load.  You will be able to do exactly what you are passionate about, that is growing your team and your book unburdened by overhead expense. You will have freedom to produce and keep developing your own practice without distraction of corporate politics, business-hostile compliance department and layers of corporate management.

 Your focus will be recruiting, production, training and development of your team-members.  In turn we will back you up fully with the overhead, administrative and back-office support.   You will be reporting directly to the executive board and not to a manager who is only good enough to have scratched his way to the middle and is more obsessed with his ego then your success.  You will be compensated commensurate with your level of performance, with no caps and no limits.  In the true spirit of entrepreneurship you will share in the revenues generated by your efforts through commissions, overrides and equity in the firm.

 We provide all consultants with professional branch office environment, overhead, our marketing and lead generation, and all you need to do this business without a penny of overhead expenses out of your pocket.  You are only responsible for your own industry registration and licensing fees which are ultimately reimbursed in the first six month of each year upon reaching a minimum production threshold. 


If you think you are 100% qualified for any of the three positions described above and you want to aply, please read everything on this page one more time and then Call (818) 668 8444 ext 111 to tell us why we should want to interview you.  Please, do not waste our time if you anything less than Superstar material. Until you are asked for one, I don’t care about a fancy resume printed on a parchment paper in a shiny folder.  If you or your headhunter agent sends it to us, it is guaranteed to be crumpled up into a tight little ball and tossed across the room.  A true superstar will always pick up the phone and call.


Call (818) 668 8444 ext 111 only between (10 AM and 2:30 PM Monday through Thursday).



 As financial planners all of our income comes from fees charged to clients, residuals, AUM fees, commissions, and trails. This makes it 100% PERFORMANCE BASED COMPENSATION. No Caps, No Quotas, No Limits (other than the ones you place on yourself). The better job you do for your clients, the better you get paid. We will help you make and keep more money easier, faster and better, but we DO NOT pay hourly wages, draws or salaries. If you have to ask, you don’t get it, you are not good enough for this, you will not make enough money here, this is not for you.

 Earn $50,000 if you are average, earn Over $250,000 if you are great, but if you are happy to settle for less, please do not apply, we already had some of those.  We only want to hire the Best!